a whimsical journey into the land of that ultimate leisure environment

a helpful little decorator trick from the kind folks at curved space . . .
. . . hold on , don’t hit that nail . . here , let the kids hold up that picture . . and as for you mom , why not back up a little . . see , who needs a hot shot designer to show you where to hang it , when all you really needed was a little more perspective . . . and oh , just try backing up a little more . . see it’s already getting clearer . . . and now you’d like to back up a little more you say, but you’re running out of space . . no problem, here , try this mirror . . and oh , isn’t that a lovely little picture . .wright on , here’s looking at you kid


first there was this green that looked like gold , and that gold that looked like green . . . usually wrapped in phantastic  plastic , to make sure they didn’t lose their sheen

. . . and then , just
when we thought we’d saved everyone from those scary , hairy monsters in green , along comes this sawed off orange one, and even a burgundy ‘n grey phantom with bumpers that’d  somehow gleam in between

. . . and then a black one , and a white one , til you’d actually begin to think you could no longer be seen

. . . and wild tales of flyin’ cows , outlandish fish , and cats in spats were everywhere to be seen

. . . and of course , after that , what was there left to do but have dinner in a peaceful white room , clad in nothing more than a rose of pink . . . surrounded by , you got it , a forest of tasty greens

. . . and what was for dinner . . why refried monster , electric banana , and of course an extra helping of peaches ‘n cream

. . . yes indeed , there are literally a million couleurs under the sun . . . just as there are a million suns on the run , just to accentuate the fun

. . . and oh , isn’t it funny how they all relate . . . precisely , give ‘em a try . . it might just be great . . . and oh , would you please pass the cottage cheese . . hay who said that




  1. Richard says:

    wolf still going eh? how is it?

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